XCRIBA is the solution that seamlessly manages the recording, cataloging and distribution of meetings held in Plenary Halls, Conference Rooms and all kinds of meeting.

XCRIBA specifically manages recording sessions, allowing to make the management of both previous phases (title of the session, agenda, etc.) and the immediately following it (see - local or remote - and distribution - physical or logical - recordings to attendees, media, ...)

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Vertical market who need to record, file, document, generate records and manage large volumes of digital content-type audio, video, image and data.


• Digital recording and archiving of plenary sessions, municipal commissions and other sessions, support to audio transcription, cataloging, media distribution and session broadcasting via web streaming.


• Digital recording, archiving and cataloging of Boards of Directors, acts in conference rooms, training sessions, etc.
• Recording And archiving research projects (biology, medicine, etc.)
• Recording conferences, reports, meetings, etc. insert marks over participants and key notes. Everything is stored on the central server, and it is linked to documents related it.


• Recording And archiving of conferences, symposia, etc., with the possibility of being a source of content for an internal channel or e-learning platforms.
• Recording And archiving research projects (biology, medicine, etc.)


• Digital archiving, compression and encryption capabilities

• Automatic indexing of recordings

• IP network architecture that enables the interconnection of multiple meeting rooms

• Secure remote access and management of sessions recorded

• Support to audio transcription and session minutes preparation

• Security and Integrity management for session recordings

• Fully scalable system, with application both in small session rooms and big parliaments with hundreds of video and audio devices

• Based on software open platforms and market standards

• High availability solution, with wide national and international deployment
Key Advantages:

• Improved transparency for sessions, providing enriched information (audio and video)

• Allows real-time broadcasting of sessions.

• The recordings are ready for consultation and distribution at the end of the session.

• Powerful support to audio transcription and generation of session minutes.

• Faster management of recordings, with direct access to agenda of the session and individual interventions.

• Optimized storage of recordings thanks to its digitization and configurable compression.

• Support digital signature and encryption of recordings.

• Robust system with automatic hardware fault detection features.

• Network architecture to allow the secure remote access and management of the recordings.

• The solution provides different methods of recording distribution (physical copies, data network, streaming ...)

• Supports integration with Public Information Systems and other administrative systems.
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